Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Let's Get Started

I've spoken to several of you about wanting to start a food blog as a way to share recipes. Well, here it is. We are all constantly feeding each other and saying how good things are and that we need this or that recipe. So, this is a way to have constant access to our friend's best recipes. When you post a recipe please use the "labels for this post" option at the bottom of the text box. That way we can categorize recipes into sides, breads, main dishes, dessert, etc.

This is also a place to post tips and ideas to improve cooking. So, if you post a tip about making better bread, label it "bread" and "tips". If you have pictures to post with recipes, we love that too! Especially if it is hard to explain processes, pictures are worth a thousand words.

Please feel free to invite others to post here. I'm pretty sure that anyone who is an author can invite others to be authors. If not, let me know and I can add people.

In the spirit of giving credit where due, please site where you got the recipe. A link to a site, a name, anything. Recipes aren't intellectual property, so they aren't protected by copyright, but it's always nice to credit the original author.

I'm looking forward to lots of tasty recipes!


Anna said...

Brilliant. Thank you for doing this!

Deborah said...

Wow! I'm so impressed. What a neat idea. If you don't mind, I will invite my sister, Laura, to join us.